Shooting Team

A Proud History of
Global Domination.

With hundreds of major championships to our name, PARA continues
to rock the world of competitive shooting. Here are the
former and future champs who call PARA their brand.

Travis Tomasie

Travis Tomasie

Grand Master. Owner of countless USPSA and IPSC titles. World and National Champion. And a better shooter than most can even fantasize being. No wonder he chooses PARA.

Travis Tomasie began wearing our colors after a career as an instructor and competitor for the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit. There he taught close-quarters shooting to thousands of deploying soldiers, while also helping to develop and enhance weapons systems. Today, he represents PARA across the globe, and plays a crucial role in product development and testing.

To Travis, the 1911 is a way of life. Same here. And every day he’s helping us make a better product, serving those who share his passion for the shooting sports.

Lee Wills

Lee Wills

You're never too young to be great. So we’re proud 14-year old Lee Wills is on our team. Shooting USPSA since he was 9, today Lee’s a Junior in USPSA, IPSC, IDPA and Steel Challenge competitions, and was the youngest competitor at the 2012 Single Stack Nationals. This despite being born with 14 fingers, and webbing in between.

The son of a retired Army Officer, Lee underwent many surgeries at Walter Reed for his rare condition. After getting to know his fellow patients and their sacrifice, Lee made it his mission to give back. With older brother and fellow competitor Jesse, Lee has raised thousands of dollars for the wounded veterans, rallying support and sponsorships nationwide.

Lee competes in USPSA, IDPA and 3 Gun competitions as a Junior Shooter. Currently, he is a Master class, MM and a new 3-gun competitor.

Lee Wills

Gabriela Franco

Well known worldwide for being a contestant on Top Shot: Season Four and All-Stars, Gabby has been involved in competitive shooting for more than 20 years. She participated on the XXVII Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000, and has won several gold and additional medals in many international competitions.

Today, Gabby gives shooting classes around the country to civilians and police agencies. In 2013 Gabby published her first book: TroubleShooting: Mastering Your Pistol Marksmanship, and recently published the Spanish version of TroubleShooting. In 2014 Gabby joined the NRA’s efforts to protect our 2nd Amendment rights as a member of NRA Commentators.

Currently Gabby is FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR and an active competitor in USPSA as the Newest Member of Team PARA® USA.